1. Pickup Buyers Lured with Liberal Rebates

Detroit Free Press

Speed Read:

For the first time since 2009, automak­ers are offer­ing gen­er­ous rebates to lure buy­ers.

The big pick­up seg­ment  has lit­er­al­ly car­ried the Detroit Three to robust prof­itabil­i­ty.

Drill-Down Details:

  • Some deal­ers are offer­ing more than $7,000 off full-size pick­ups in a Pres­i­dents Day sale that extends through the end of Feb­ru­ary.
  • The aver­age time a new vehi­cle sits on a dealer’s lot reached 61 days in Decem­ber, the longest since August 2009.
  • Fore­cast­ers expect Amer­i­cans will buy more than 16 mil­lion new cars and trucks this year.
  • Used-car prices are soft­en­ing, mean­ing buy­ers have to look for a less expen­sive new mod­el or bor­row more than they planned.
  • Incen­tives might be a nec­es­sary evil for now.
  • Buy­ers replac­ing 15-to-20 year-old trucks that have just worn out  fueled the entire industry’s truck boom in the past two years.


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