‘Over-Connected and Behind the Wheel’ — Senate Takes on Distracted Driving

Three round­ta­bles will assess:

  • The extent and dan­gers of dis­tract­ed dri­ving
  • Avail­able tech­nol­o­gy to solve the prob­lem and tech­nol­o­gy still need­ed to be devel­oped;
  • And final­ly, a round­table con­duct­ed by Sen­a­tor Rock­e­feller him­self on the next steps need­ed to “build more robust tech­no­log­i­cal solu­tions.”

The par­tic­i­pants in the pan­els will con­sist of rep­re­sen­ta­tives from a vari­ety of indus­tries, includ­ing con­sumer elec­tron­ics, soft­ware, the automak­ers, as well as safe­ty agen­cies and gov­ern­ment offi­cials.

A recent report on dis­tract­ed dri­ving in Cal­i­for­nia found that, at any giv­en time, 7.4 % of Cal­i­for­nia dri­vers are using cell phones. Tex­ting or talk­ing was blamed for 139 deaths and near­ly 11,000 injuries in 2012, accord­ing to Cal­i­for­nia state safe­ty offi­cials. Nation­wide, the Nation­al High­way Traf­fic Safe­ty Admin­is­tra­tion esti­mates that in 2012, about 10% of traf­fic deaths were caused by dis­tract­ed dri­ving.




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