NADA’s Report on Car Retention Sees Small Cars Doing Very Well

Jonathan Banks
Senior Direc­tor
NADA Used Car Guide

NADA Used Car Guide’s lat­est “Per­spec­tive” spe­cial report digs into what’s been hap­pen­ing late­ly with pas­sen­ger car reten­tion. Sub­com­pact cars have depre­ci­at­ed the least of any main­stream seg­ment dur­ing the review peri­od, earn­ing an over­all reten­tion score of 54.4%. The Hon­da Fit had an aver­age reten­tion rat­ing of 62.7%, fol­lowed by the Scion xB, and the Kia Soul, which aver­aged 60.6% and 60.1%, respec­tive­ly.

Here’s NADA Reten­tion Review:  Pas­sen­ger Cars

Sub­aru Impreza Had High­est Reten­tion of Any Vehi­cle at 63.5%:
Sub­aru and Lexus each won top spots on two of the vehi­cle seg­ment cat­e­gories.

Lexus IS Took Lux­u­ry Car Seg­ment at 57.8% Reten­tion:
Fol­lowed by BMW 5 Series at 54.5%, and Audi A4 at 54.3%.

In Hybrid Cat­e­go­ry, Lexus CT Led at 62.4% and Toy­ota Prius Fol­lowed at 54.3%:
Buy­ers trust Toyota’s hybrid tech­nol­o­gy – it’s no sur­prise to see two of their cars at top.



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