Black Book Looks at Tax Season Trends for Four Vehicle Segments

Ricky Beg­gs
Edi­to­r­i­al Direc­tor
Black Book

The expect­ed price drop of 13.5% this year ver­sus 12.8% last year is expect­ed to con­tin­ue. This pat­tern is being off­set for the next cou­ple of months as buy­ers use tax rebate checks to pur­chase used cars dur­ing “tax buy­ing sea­son.” Black Book has been com­pil­ing and report­ing on data for four vehi­cle seg­ments that may show price increas­es in the near-term.

Here’s Black Book’s detailed report on four key used car seg­ments to watch

Entry-Lev­el Cars Led All Seg­ments in Price Gains in March-April 2013:
Con­tin­ued gas price sta­bi­liza­tion makes it dif­fi­cult to repeat least year’s 1.5% increase.

Com­pact Cars Saw 1% Increase Last Year After 5% Decline for 3 Months:
Increased sup­ply in mar­ket might make a repeat price increase dif­fi­cult this year.

Mid-Size Pick­up Trucks Increased by 0.7% March 1 – May 1 Last Year:
Con­trary to com­pact cars, prices should increase this year even with low­er sup­ply.



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