Auction Values Looking Similar to 2013


Alec Gutier­rez
Senior Ana­lyst
Kel­ley Blue Book

Auc­tion val­ues start­ed 2014 strong – 1-to 3-year-old vehi­cles start­ed off with an aver­age auc­tion val­ue of $17,876 – 1% high­er than at the begin­ning of cal­en­dar year 2013. As for Decem­ber 2013, 1-to-3-year-old vehi­cle closed just $55 shy of 2012 auc­tion val­ues, which was in line with 2013 pro­jec­tions.

Here’s the lat­est Blue Book Mar­ket Report on used car trends

Auc­tion Val­ues in 2014 Should Fol­low Sea­son­al Upswing:
Typ­i­cal for first quar­ter, and should remain in-line with cal­en­dar year 2013 val­ues.

Sub­com­pact Cars Becom­ing More Attrac­tive from Dol­lar Stand­point:
Comes from con­stant demand from con­sumers for cheap­er and more fuel-effi­cient cars.

New Lux­u­ry Crossovers and SUVs Saw 10% Gain in 2013 Sales:
As these vehi­cles remain pop­u­lar with con­sumers, expect their used val­ues to remain high.



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