Dealers Replacing Salespeople with Product Geniuses Using Video Displays

Wall Street Journal

Speed Read:

Rows and rows of cars are fly­ing out of deal­er­ships.

Lux­u­ry deal­er­ships get­ting rid of cubi­cles & installing flat screens TV and dig­i­tal mon­i­tors.

Drill-Down Details:

  • Seek­ing to hire prod­uct experts, like those in Apple stores
  • Elim­i­nat­ing pres­sure on the sales­per­son & the cus­tomer to close the sale
  • BMW mov­ing toward reduc­ing cars in inven­to­ry & deliv­er­ing more infor­ma­tion
  • No more “sales­man” stand­ing around a show­room wait­ing for next UP
  • Deal­ers look­ing for new soft­ware to load on iPads
  • Seek­ing to sell more cars with Google Ana­lyt­ics & pro­grams
  • Use of inter­ac­tive dis­plays & vir­tu­al demon­stra­tions
  • Mov­ing toward low touch ser­vices from web-manned call cen­ters
  • Deal­ers look­ing for prod­uct experts or genius­es to work with cus­tomers


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