4. Where’s the Best Place to Shop for a Used Vehicle?

Automotive News

Speed Read:

Major deal­ers are find­ing out that the best place to find a used car is in the ser­vice lane.

Find the hot cars owned by cus­tomers, invite them to come in for ser­vice, then Bin­go.

Drill-Down Details:

  • Cus­tomers come in for ser­vice– their car gets appraised & an offer is made
  • The ever suc­cess­ful Paragon Hon­da buys 100 cars per month like this
  • Paragon’s Ser­vice Depart­ment has become a used car fac­to­ry
  • Acquir­ing vehi­cles from cus­tomers is cost effec­tive
  • Start by search­ing the data­base of cus­tomers in your deal­er­ship for spe­cif­ic cars you need
  • Then offer cus­tomers ser­vice dis­counts to get ‘em in the deal­er­ship


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