Hybrids to be Challenged by Hydrogen Fuel Cells Soon

Wall Street Journal

Speed Read:

OEMs are get­ting ready to roll out fuel-cell vehi­cles in select­ed mar­kets by the end of the year.

Vehi­cles pow­ered by hydro­gen fuel cells to be leased in Cal­i­for­nia and Europe.

Drill-Down Details:

  • Hyundai, Hon­da, and Toy­ota are expect­ed to put vehi­cles in ser­vice
  • Cal­i­for­nia has 15% zero emis­sions & elec­tric vehi­cle require­ments by 2025
  • Fuel cell vehi­cles get dou­ble the emis­sion cred­its, so Cal­i­for­nia is the ‘test’
  • The pric­ing of fuel cell vehi­cles will be a chal­lenge
  • Leased cost to demo fleets will appar­ent­ly be $499 per month
  • Lessee must live near net­work of fuel­ing sta­tions
  • Only 15 pub­lic fuels sta­tions in the U.S. present­ly
  • Europe wants fuel cell vehi­cles, par­tic­u­lar­ly Ger­many


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