GM Expands Ignition Recall


Speed Read:

Gen­er­al Motors expand­ed a recall for faulty igni­tion switch­es in some 2003–2007 vehi­cles.

The total affect­ed num­ber of vehi­cles is now about 1.37 mil­lion.

Drill-Down Details:

  • Four mod­els have been added to the recall and the num­ber of fatal­i­ties involved more than dou­bled from 6 to 13.
  • 2003–2007 Sat­urn Ions, 2006–2007 Chevro­let HHRs, and 2006–2007 Pon­ti­ac Sol­stice and Sat­urn Sky mod­els.
  • Heavy key rings, going off road or “some oth­er jar­ring event” may cause the affect­ed igni­tion switch­es to “inad­ver­tent­ly be moved out of the ‘run’ posi­tion”
  • Air bags are not deployed in crash­es.
  • GM will send writ­ten noti­fi­ca­tion, use cus­tomer care cen­ters and social media to inform buy­ers about the recall.
  • Cus­tomers won’t be charged for repairs to the vehi­cles involved and that deal­ers will replace igni­tion switch­es.


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