2. Your Store Could Disappear by 2020

Automotive News


OEMs are plan­ning on con­sol­i­dat­ing the num­ber of fran­chise deal­ers, and deal­ers who own one or two stores are most at risk.

Study says 3,800 stores to go in next 6 years, that’s one out of every five.

Drill-Down Details:

  • Expect­ed to impact suc­ces­sion plans and fam­i­ly owned stores
  • Size of deal­er net­work is just too large to sus­tain
  • Means one of every 5 out­lets will be closed per study
  • Study says OEM should be more direct to shape con­sol­i­da­tion
  • Says sur­vival of the fittest & should be order­ly
  • Chal­lenge seem to be con­vince deal­ers to sell
  • Deal­er who own one or two stores most at risk
  • Study by the respect­ed Roland Berg­er


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