What’s Going to Be Bothering, Bugging and Bewildering You in 2014?

Ten Devel­op­ments that are like­ly to impact what hap­pens to the Auto­mo­tive Chan­nel & to your deal­er­ship in 2014:

  1. Bit­coin: Some­time in 2014, your deal­er­ship — or one across town — will get paid for a new car by a con­sumer (or a com­pa­ny ) using this new cur­ren­cy.
  2. Not Try­ing Hard Enough: Look for peo­ple like bil­lion­aire Peter Thiel (Face­book) telling us that we can fix all prob­lems if we try hard enough – that what­ev­er con­fronts us is “emi­nent­ly cur­able.”
  3. Data Bro­kers: Look for exten­sive action by Con­gress, The Feds, and Data com­pa­nies to become embroiled in a debate and sub­se­quent leg­is­la­tion about pro­tect­ing con­sumer pri­va­cy.

READ MORE to see Devel­op­ments 4–10 that are like­ly to affect you as 2014 unfolds.



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