3. Toyota Knocks Off GM & VW


Automotive News

Toy­ota retained 2013 glob­al sales title with near­ly 10M sales. GM is clos­ing the gap and VW is remain­ing ambi­tious.

Chi­na is where all of them will focus in 2014—Sold 22M total last year.

Drill- Down Details:

  • Glob­al sales title is annu­al bat­tle among these three OEMs
  • Toy­ota is shoot­ing for 10.4 M sales in 2014
  • GM sold 9.71M glob­al­ly in 2013
  • Sales gap is shrink­ing between GM and Toy­ota
  • VW is not far behind, by only 100K in sales
  • Sales went down over­all (glob­al­ly) in 2013


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