The New Ford Aluminum F-150 to Improve MPG

Ford has vowed to improve fuel econ­o­my and is replac­ing about 1,000 pounds of steel with 600 pounds of alu­minum in the F-150 to do so. The truck will be able to get about 30 miles per gal­lon, up from the 17 to 19 mpg of cur­rent mod­els, some experts believe.

The Ford F-150 is the most prof­itable vehi­cle in Ford’s line­up and has been the best-sell­ing U.S. vehi­cle of any kind for more than three decades.

“When you have a vehi­cle that suc­cess­ful, the com­pa­ny almost lives or dies on that mod­el,” said Karl Brauer, senior ana­lyst for Kel­ley Blue Book.

The 600 pounds of alu­minum will like­ly cost about $800 more than the steel it replaces. Alu­minum is also some­what more dif­fi­cult to work with and will require a longer shut­down at the two Ford fac­to­ries that make the truck to pre­pare for the change.

“We’re already the leader in alu­minum use in full-size pick­ups, and it hasn’t been an issue,” said Ford spokesman Erich Merkle.

Buy­ers have shown inter­est in fuel econ­o­my, not­ing that about 40% of the F-150 buy­ers are choos­ing a more fuel effi­cient V6 engine, rather than the tra­di­tion­al V8.



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