LED Lighting Innovations Enable Greater Front Line Illumination for Auto Retailers

AIN Media’s Edi­to­r­i­al Posi­tion­ing of this time­ly LED light­ing con­tent: It is appar­ent and almost obvi­ous that by improv­ing the light on the front­line and in the show­room that the dis­played vehi­cles will look bet­ter and take on a whole new appear­ance.  Fur­ther, the cost sav­ing and the out­right con­tri­bu­tion to the sales of vehi­cles are the most imme­di­ate rea­son for mak­ing the con­sid­er­a­tion of LED light­ing a top pri­orty for your deal­er­ship in 2014. 

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LED Light­ing Inno­va­tions Enable Greater Front Line Illu­mi­na­tion for Auto Retail­ers

Gain­ing the Col­or Qual­i­ty from Light­ing: A lit­tle more than a year ago, Cree unveiled the Cree Edge High Out­put (HO) LED lumi­naire, a break­through in exte­ri­or retail light­ing that sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduces ener­gy usage com­pared to met­al halide fix­tures while deliv­er­ing more focused light. With the intro­duc­tion of the new Cree Edge HO True­White­lu­mi­naire, deal­er­ships get remark­able col­or qual­i­ty while achiev­ing sig­nif­i­cant ener­gy and main­te­nance sav­ings, help­ing to improve the bot­tom line.

Light­ing Can Be an Emo­tion­al Expe­ri­ence: Sell­ing mer­chan­dise (cars) is about more than just stock­ing prod­ucts for cus­tomers. For patrons, it’s a high­ly visu­al and some­times emo­tion­al expe­ri­ence. Uti­liz­ing Cree’s Auto­mo­tive Front­li­neOp­tic tech­nol­o­gy, the Cree Edge HO True­White lumi­naire pre­cise­ly deliv­ers light on the front row of a car dealership’s inven­to­ry, improv­ing the appear­ance of the property’s high­est-pro­file area and enabling auto deal­ers to use one Cree Edge lumi­naire to replace mul­ti­ple met­al halide fix­tures typ­i­cal­ly need­ed on each pole to prop­er­ly illu­mi­nate the front line.

It’s About That 40%: Com­pared to met­al halide fix­tures that can lose up to 40% of their ini­tial light out­put after just one year of oper­a­tion, the Cree Edge HO True­White lumi­naire deliv­ers both con­sis­tent light out­put and supe­ri­or col­or qual­i­ty while using 70 per­cent less ener­gy. 

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