County Employees Can Take it or Leave it

Those who dri­ve a coun­ty vehi­cle will be pro­vid­ed with the over­all cost to con­tin­ue doing so, and will be allowed to make a choice on whether they wish to con­tin­ue tak­ing that vehi­cle home with them or leave it at the cour­t­house while they are not on the clock.

The IRS also allows employ­ees to use coun­ty vehi­cles by pay­ing a com­mut­ing fee of $1.50 every time the vehi­cle is used to go to or leave work not on coun­ty busi­ness.

Com­mis­sion­ers gen­er­al­ly dis­ap­proved of this plan, say­ing it would be a record-keep­ing night­mare, espe­cial­ly when the Cabell Coun­ty EMS Direc­tor asked if he would have to pay $3 if he took a coun­ty vehi­cle to lunch and then back to work.

“Employ­ees who don’t have a coun­ty vehi­cle sort of see it as a ben­e­fit that they don’t get.”

More than one coun­ty depart­ment head called the tax a “tough pill to swal­low,” but thought allow­ing coun­ty employ­ees to take their vehi­cles home was the best option.



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