Black Book Forecasts Strong Year for Prices and for Auctions

Ricky Beg­gs
Edi­to­r­i­al Direc­tor
Black Book

Black Book pre­dicts that 2014 will see a depre­ci­a­tion lev­el of 13.5% — more than 12.8% in 2013 and 12.4% in 2012, but much more sta­ble than what hap­pened to the pre-reces­sion mar­ket. The mar­ket is expect­ed to reach 16 mil­lion in new vehi­cles sales this year, but the vol­ume of used vehi­cles should be stay­ing sol­id along with prices.

Here’s the com­plete inter­view with Beg­gs includ­ing the influ­ence of incen­tives and where gas prices are expect­ed to go

Deal­ers Have Been Great Entre­pre­neurs on the Remar­ket­ing Front:
Find­ing the right inven­tory, and not aggres­sive in sell­ing used vehi­cles.

High­er Vol­ume of Off-lease Returns Not Expect­ed to Soft­en Mar­ket Much:
Black Book expects 60% of new car sales this year will have trade-ins; that’s more but not enough to soft­en prices dra­mat­i­cal­ly.

Phys­i­cal Auc­tions Aren’t Grow­ing But Are Very Much Appre­ci­at­ed by Remar­keters:
Clas­sic car auc­tions have done very well and make for a great invest­ment.



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