6. Will Car Shoppers Skip Both the Mall & the Dealership & Just Go Online?

Wall Street Journal

  • Long-term changes in shop­per habits shift­ing con­sumers away from malls
  • Ques­tion is, will this trend to online buy­ing move to car buy­ing at deal­er­ships?
  • Con­sumer mass move­ment to e-com­merce chal­leng­ing brick-mor­tar retail­ers
  • Web has and is erod­ing the big tick­et buy­ing prac­tices of con­sumers
  • Traf­fic to phys­i­cal stores has decreased dra­mat­i­cal­ly since Black Fri­day
  • Online sales increased by more than dou­ble fixed retail out­lets
  • Retail­ers do not see the trend revers­ing
  • Impulse pur­chas­ing is becom­ing a thing of the sales past
  • Ship from stores sales option worked well for retail­ers like Best Buy

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