6 Ways to Save on Fuel with Medium-Duty Truck Specs

There are sev­er­al ways your fleet can save mon­ey on fuel when spec’ing medi­um-duty trucks. And achiev­ing fuel econ­o­my gains could be as sim­ple as tak­ing the time to refresh a truck’s spec.

Dan Shep­herd, truck spec ana­lyst for ARI, points out that torque rat­ing is an impor­tant fac­tor when choos­ing a medi­um-duty truck. Shep­herd notes, “In a Class 6–7 truck, horse­pow­er is a sec­ondary func­tion to torque rat­ing. This rat­ing dic­tates whether or not the truck will be able to start from a stopped posi­tion on a hill or flat sur­face, as well as being able to go up a cer­tain grade of hill, while under load. In those sit­u­a­tions, fuel econ­o­my becomes a low­er pri­or­i­ty because the truck is use­less if it can’t move.” Shep­herd also said, “Some­times fleet man­agers make deci­sions based on old­er mod­els in their fleet, not know­ing that new­er, small­er vehi­cles are capa­ble of doing the same job as the old­er ones, but can do it more effi­cient­ly.”

Want to read more? See a recent­ly pub­lished arti­cle in Work Truck Mag­a­zine that explores ways to save on fuel when spec’ing medi­um-duty trucks.



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