4. GM’s 2014 Profits to Pay for Restructuring & Fixing Europe for the Future

Wall Street Journal

  • Pro­ject­ed that near­ly $8B GM Prof­its will be plowed back to pay for glob­al plant changes
  • Tak­ing advan­tage of improved earn­ings to take aggres­sive steps to fix things
  • Expect­ed to invest $1.1B on restruc­tur­ing assem­bly plants & pulling Chevy out of Europe
  • Plans to pay 30 cents per share quar­ter­ly div­i­dend & growth in retail mar­ket share
  • New Impala and the Sil­ver­a­do pric­ing will add to sales vol­ume
  • Doing a num­ber of “Repair Jobs” will help GM retain their momen­tum

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