3. Detroit OEMs Find Hospitality & Blue Skies of Increased Sales & Profits

Wall Street Journal

  • Atmos­phere at Detroit Auto Show is one of warm in a cold win­ter out­side
  • 2013 recov­ered the sales vol­ume lost dur­ing eco­nom­ic col­lapse
  • 2014 is expect­ed to slow, how­ev­er, even with appear­ance of smooth sail­ing
  • Pain of sales decline and bank­rupt­cy remain in OEM man­age­ment
  • Rely­ing on sales of big pick­ups, SUVs, and lux­u­ry vehi­cles
  • Using Detroit Show to broad­cast ambi­tious plans & prod­ucts
  • New era of high stakes tech­nol­o­gy risks, com­pe­ti­tion & con­sumerism


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