4. Facial Analysis Will Tell You if Your Prospects Actually Like You — or Your Car

Financial Times

  • Facial analy­sis enabling com­pa­nies to deter­mine people’s emo­tions
  • Mys­tery of the human face & facial expres­sions going away
  • Can now track eyes of truck and bus dri­vers to see if sleepy
  • Emo­tion­al ana­lyt­ics com­pa­nies test­ing response to adver­tis­ing
  • Algo­rithms in cam­eras & cloud sift through facial data to gain reac­tions
  • Faces mon­i­tor­ing can deter­mine consumer’s reac­tion to adver­tis­ing
  • Always on Wear­able devices can work well with facial ana­lyt­ics


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