2. BDCs Can Be Center of Dealership & Source of Sales Success

Automotive News

  • Deal­ers are cred­it­ing their suc­cess to their Busi­ness Devel­op­ment Cen­ters
  • Office fol­lows up on phone and Inter­net leads & con­tacts cus­tomers
  • Most shop­ping cus­tomers are doing research on Inter­net before entere­ing show­room
  • BDCs com­mon among mul­ti­ple fran­chise deal­er oper­a­tions to spread costs
  • Esti­mat­ed that half of deal­ers have active BDC depart­ments
  • Some deal­ers say that BDCs tend to make sales staffer lazy
  • GM is mak­ing a major push to get more of it 4,300 deal­ers to use BDCs

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