4. Consumers Wary of Connected Car Technology & Tech Group Push

Financial Times

  • Rapid pace of car tech¬≠nol¬≠o¬≠gy mak¬≠ing con¬≠sumers wary
  • Tech¬≠no¬≠log¬≠i¬≠cal advances were a hot top¬≠ic at Detroit Auto Show
  • OEMs spend¬≠ing bun¬≠dles on research and inno¬≠va¬≠tion
  • Tech groups like Google, IBM, Microsoft putting pres¬≠sure on OEMs
  • Self-dri¬≠ving cars, smart phones, and con¬≠nect¬≠ed cars are the focus
  • OEMs work¬≠ing out how to best pro¬≠vide this tech¬≠nol¬≠o¬≠gy to con¬≠sumers

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