Dri­ven Man­age­ment Guides

Now avail­able at NADA Uni­ver­si­ty Online, sev­en new or updat­ed Dri­ven guides:

  • Parts Check­up: Per­for­mance Lev­el Analy­sis
  • A Deal­er Guide to Parts Inven­to­ry Man­age­ment
  • A Deal­er Guide to The Effec­tive Ser­vice Advi­sor
  • A Deal­er Guide to Improv­ing Parts Inven­to­ry Effi­cien­cy
  • A Deal­er Guide to the Fam­i­ly and Med­ical Leave Act
  • A Deal­er Guide to Appraisal-to-Trade Ratios
  • A Deal­er Guide to the OSHA Sin­gle and Mul­ti-Piece Rim Ser­vice Rule

There’s no charge to NADA and ATD mem­bers for the guides! Non-mem­bers may pur­chase them for $20 each in the NADA U Store.

Upcom­ing Webi­na­rs

Wednes­day is just not Wednes­day with­out NADA Uni­ver­si­ty Online’s 30-minute com­pli­men­ta­ry webi­na­rs. Hear indus­try lead­ers share insights, trends, and best prac­tices that deal­ers can put to imme­di­ate use. Click here to reg­is­ter for the last webi­nar of 2013:

–Dec 18, Haz­mat and You: Unwind the Acronyms, pre­sent­ed by Char­lie Ayers of CCAR and Steve Hunt of Ship­Mate, Inc.

Attend the week­ly webi­na­rs live—or view them on-demand at NADA Uni­ver­si­ty Online with­in 4–6 busi­ness days after they hap­pen.  For infor­ma­tion on pre­sent­ing a webi­nar, con­tact Bar­bara Roos, Work­shops and Webi­na­rs Man­ag­er, NADA Uni­ver­si­ty Online,

2014 NADA-ATD Con­ven­tion Work­shops

The Big Easy will be the back­drop for the 2014 NADA-ATD Con­ven­tion & Expo­si­tion. From Jan. 24–27, 100 speak­ers will present 64 work­shops in 174 excit­ing ses­sions and 7 work­shop tracks: Dealer/Executive, Human Resources, Legal & Reg­u­la­to­ry, Inter­net & Mar­ket­ing, Sales, Busi­ness Office/F&I, Parts, and Ser­vice & Body Shop. Orga­nized and spon­sored by NADA Uni­ver­si­ty Online, the work­shops are designed to give new-car and truck deal­ers the infor­ma­tion they need to suc­ceed in a dynam­ic and com­pet­i­tive mar­ket. Of those who attend­ed the work­shops at the 2013 NADA con­ven­tion, an over­whelm­ing major­i­ty of sur­vey respon­dents said the ses­sions and speak­ers were “excel­lent.”

To access the com­plete work­shop sched­ule, vis­it the NADA Con­ven­tion web­site and click on “Work­shops.”

NADA Deal­er­ship Work­force Study

NADA has unveiled its sec­ond annu­al indus­try report on car and truck deal­er­ship employ­ee com­pen­sa­tion, ben­e­fits, reten­tion and turnover, and hours of oper­a­tion and work sched­ules. The 2013 Deal­er­ship Work­force Study Indus­try Report was designed to help deal­ers recruit, hire and retain top tal­ent. The Report is based on hard data culled from 290,000 car and truck pay­roll records, and cogent analy­sis by Delta­Trends, the auto­mo­tive retail­ing industry’s lead­ing provider of work­force met­rics, guides and trends, and HR best prac­tices.

NADA has also launched an online tool that allows users to search the entire 2013 and 2012 NADA Deal­er­ship Work­force Study data­base. The NADA Deal­er­ship Work­force Study Com­pen­sa­tion and Tenure Search Tool enables users to find answers to their ques­tions about nation­al, region­al and state data. A deal­er who wants to know the total turnover for all ser­vice posi­tions in neigh­bor­ing states, for exam­ple, can query the tool, which then search­es the Study’s data­base of 680,000 pay­roll records from near­ly 5,000 deal­er­ships and returns the answer. Access to the Com­pen­sa­tion and Tenure Search Tool is good for one year from date of pur­chase.

NADA and ATD mem­ber deal­ers can enroll in the 2014 study at the NADA Con­ven­tion, in New Orleans, La., Jan­u­ary 24–27, 2014. (There will be more chances to do so after the Con­ven­tion, as well.) Par­tic­i­pants get the Basic and Indus­try Reports free—the Basic Report is a cus­tom report com­par­ing indi­vid­ual deal­er­ships’ data against aggre­gat­ed data from their peers in the region and state. Par­tic­i­pants may also pur­chase the Enhanced Report, which com­pares their own data against fran­chise and state num­bers, or a “bun­dle” com­pris­ing the Enhanced Report and the Search Tool. Sign in to and vis­it the NADA U Store, or call 800.557.6232.

NADA ACADEMY Accept­ing Appli­ca­tions for 2014 Class­es!

Class starts:

Deal­er Can­di­date Acad­e­my: Feb. 10, May 12, Jun 16, Sep 22, Oct 20

Gen­er­al Deal­er­ship Man­age­ment Acad­e­my: Feb. 17, May 19, Jun 9, Sep 8, Oct 6

ATD Truck Deal­er Acad­e­my: Oct 13

Spe­cial Ops train­ing pro­grams allow depart­ment man­agers to attend indi­vid­ual weeks of the Acad­e­my. Hone skills spe­cif­ic to your needs in:

  • Finan­cial Man­age­ment
  • Fixed Oper­a­tions 1 (Parts)
  • Fixed Oper­a­tions 2 (Ser­vice)
  • Vari­able Ops I – Dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing, inven­to­ry con­trol, show­room traf­fic pro­ce­dures, new- and used-car sales
  • Vari­able Ops II – Pay plans; leas­ing; F&I; new- and used-car sales; hir­ing, devel­op­ing and retain­ing sales staff; expense con­trols; ROI

Go to to down­load sched­ules and appli­ca­tions for all pro­grams, or call 800.557.6232 for dates and avail­abil­i­ty.


  • Untapped prof­it oppor­tu­ni­ties! NADA 20 Group’s In-deal­er­ship Con­sul­ta­tions (IDCs) are proven to gen­er­ate sig­nif­i­cant prof­it improve­ment. Call 800Ÿ.557Ÿ.6232, ext. 4.
  • The “best ideas” in 20 Group are known for deliv­er­ing great results. The best idea of all – join now! NADA 20 Group is now accept­ing appli­ca­tions for Chrysler, GM, Hon­da, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Lin­coln, Maz­da work­ing groups. Call 800.557.6232, ext. 4.


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