Driver Error & Drunkenness Cause 90% of Car Crashes; Kill Thousands

The Detroit Bureau

Editor’s Note and Posi­tion­ing for Deal­er Man­age­ment:

To fur­ther sort out what all of this safe­ty focus might mean to auto­mo­tive deal­ers, here is some more detail about what NHTSA and the OEM are doing. What does all this mean as far what and how deal­ers sell vehi­cle in the next year?

The LA Times arti­cle men­tioned ear­li­er cov­ered NHTSA’s action and indus­try response to pro­posed gov­ern­ment action and require­ments call­ing the forth­com­ing safe­ty cam­paign “A Push for Safer Auto” and “Dri­ver Error as Focus of Safe­ty Effort.”

What you Need to Know is – NHTSA is seri­ous; The OEMs are get­ting on board with more safe­ty devices in the car; The Bev­er­age asso­ci­a­tions lob­by­ists are say­ing that crazy drunks will keep being the prob­lem even with devices that will shut down the car or not even let a ine­bri­at­ed dri­ver start the car.

As for the OEMs tak­ing action, you need to know that –17 automak­ers are work­ing with NHTSA to form DADDS [Dri­ver Alco­hol Detec­tion Sys­tem] bring sen­sors in the vehi­cle cab­in to mea­sure alco­hol blood lev­els

The Booze indus­try asso­ci­a­tions are opposed to man­dat­ing that this tech­nol­o­gy be put into the car.

To real­ly get a grasp of what this all means for your deal­er­ship, go and find the LATimes arti­cle at

Look for this Head­line: “Dri­ver Error is Focus of Safe­ty Effort”

Last week the Detroit papers picked up an even more drill-down arti­cle by Paul Eisen­stein who con­tin­ues to be an amaz­ing edi­tor and writer of con­tent that the indus­try lead­ers and pub­lic need to KNOW and act on.

Here is the “head” and link for Paul eru­dite expla­na­tion of the whole vehi­cle safe­ty issue for OEM and the Feds at NHTSA.

Feds Push Mak­ers to Speed New Safe­ty Tech into Cars

An era of “zero-col­li­sions.” by Paul A. Eisen­stein on Nov.18, 2013

Mean­time, Auto­mo­tive Digest dis­tilled and edit­ed this arti­cle in a recent issue of Deal­er Digest Dai­ly: Fed Wants Automak­ers To Fast Track Safe­ty Tech.



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