Softening Gas Prices Haven’t Meant Softening UC Prices


Auto Remarketing - October 15, 2013

Black Book’s Ricky Beg­gs has been report­ing on a sur­pris­ing trend out in the mar­ket – yes, gaso­line prices con­tin­ue to fall, but, no, used vehi­cle prices for fuel-effi­cient vehi­cles are not fol­low­ing right behind as they usu­al­ly do. Entry mid­size cars, com­pact cars, and upper mid­size cars have been see­ing strong price reten­tion at auc­tion for the past three months, Beg­gs says. Gaso­line prices fell anoth­er six cents last week and the nation­al aver­age has dropped to $3.37; so far, it’s not neg­a­tive­ly affect­ing these seg­ments at auc­tions.



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