Millennials Choosing Multi-Modes of Transportation

Fisher Coachworks Bus

American Public Transportation Association - October 1, 2013

For those con­cerned about safe­ty as more young dri­vers come to the roads, a new study indi­cates there may be less of them behind the wheel. The mil­len­ni­al gen­er­a­tion choos­es the most prac­ti­cal trans­porta­tion mode (dri­ving, pub­lic tran­sit, bik­ing or walk­ing) for each trip, and this flex­i­ble con­cept of mobil­i­ty is spread­ing. Accord­ing to the study “Mil­len­ni­als and Mobil­i­ty”, near­ly 70% of mil­len­ni­als, peo­ple 18 to 34, use mul­ti­ple trav­el options sev­er­al times or more per week.



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