Galves Sees Dealer Demand Dropping Like Hotcakes


Dan Galves
Galves Auto Price List

The mar­ket appears to have shift­ed abrupt­ly in the past few weeks – as abrupt and sig­nif­i­cant as Galves can recall. It’s appear­ing to impact all seg­ments, though lat­er mod­el vehi­cles are get­ting hit hard. Demand by deal­ers has dropped most­ly for late mod­el Euro­pean and Asian lux­u­ry vehi­cles, with cars stand­ing out the most. Infini­ti prod­ucts have been biggest sur­prise so far, but they’re far from alone.

Here’s the Galves Mar­ket Con­di­tions Report for Octo­ber

Infini­ti G37, M37, M56 and M45 Depre­ci­at­ed Rapid­ly in Past Month:
Not far behind are many offer­ings of Audi and BMW, includ­ing pop­u­lar 3 Series.

Seg­ments Took Seri­ous Hit Across Board in 2011 and Lat­er Mod­els:
Dis­pro­por­tion­ate­ly affect­ed by cur­rent cli­mate of aggres­sive leas­ing pro­grams and man­u­fac­tur­er incen­tives.

Con­vert­ibles and Sport Coupes are Among Hard­est Hit:
While 4-wheel dri­ve pick-ups are with­stand­ing pres­sure rel­a­tive­ly well.



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