Donlen Offers TCO Whitepaper on Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehi­cles are becom­ing a more viable option for fleets meet­ing mileage and emis­sions tar­gets – as the vehi­cle tech­nol­o­gy advances and the life­cy­cle costs become more com­pet­i­tive. Donlen has just released a whitepa­per for fleets ana­lyz­ing the pro­cure­ment of hybrids. “Hybrid Vehi­cles: Total Cost of Own­er­ship Trends and Analy­sis” offers detailed TCO analy­sis, mar­ket trends, hybrid options, and typ­i­cal fleet vehi­cle com­par­isons.

The whitepa­per looks at where hybrids are in the US mar­ket now – the num­ber of mod­els avail­able and their sales vol­ume since being intro­duced in 2000. Miles per gal­lon num­bers are offered on the top mod­els – includ­ing the Toy­ota Prius, Ford Fusion, Volk­swa­gen Jet­ta, and Hon­da Civic hybrid mod­els.

For the detailed total cost of own­er­ship (TCO) analy­sis, the 2014 Ford Fusion SE is com­pared to the 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE. The hybrid mod­el is slight­ly more effi­cient — $0.271 cost per mile ver­sus $0.304; for total cost, the hybrid mod­el is esti­mat­ed at $24,400 ver­sus $27,367 for ICE ver­sion. The hybrid com­bined mileage rat­ing is 47 mpg and the non-hybrid is 26.

Resid­ual val­ues are also ana­lyzed for hybrid mod­els. To down­load the free whitepa­per, vis­it this site.



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