CEI Offering School Traffic Safety Lesson on DriverCare

The CEI Group, Inc. has added a new online Dri­ver­Care dri­ver safe­ty les­son that reminds fleet dri­vers about the laws and traf­fic safe­ty tips for dri­ving near school bus­es and school zones. The three and a half-minute les­son describes rel­e­vant laws in every US state and Cana­di­an province through a scrol­lable tablet.

“School Traf­fic Safe­ty” opens with a real video of a near-acci­dent when a car passed a stopped school bus and just missed hit­ting a stu­dent cross­ing the road. Key learn­ing points cov­er how com­mon it is for dri­vers to ille­gal­ly pass stopped school bus­es, and the num­ber of school­child­ren who die every year in school bus traf­fic acci­dents. A grow­ing num­ber of school dis­tricts are equip­ping bus­es with traf­fic cam­eras, increas­ing the chances that vio­la­tors will be pros­e­cut­ed. The les­son is one of more than 30 fleet dri­ver safe­ty lessons now avail­able to all Dri­ver­Care cus­tomers. For more infor­ma­tion about Dri­ver­Care, please vis­it www.ceinetwork.com and click on “Risk & Safe­ty Ser­vices.”



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