Driverless Cars Not Here, but More Autonomous Technologies Increasing Safety

Autonomous Driving Technology

LA Times - September 21, 2013

For­get about Google’s dri­ver­less Prius test cars. Autonomous dri­ving is already here on cars in deal­er show­rooms. It’s packed into the safe­ty fea­tures on the flag­ship S550 Mer­cedes sedan; on the new Acu­ra MDX sport util­i­ty that sells for half its price; and on less expen­sive vehi­cles such as the Ford Fusion, which can par­al­lel park itself. Reg­u­la­tors and insur­ance indus­try experts say it’s already increas­ing pas­sen­ger pro­tec­tion sub­stan­tial­ly.



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