Dealers: Boost Your September Sales with No-Hassle Trade-ins

The Sit­u­a­tion:

Your deal­er­ship is com­ing off of a sum­mer of great sales, and Sep­tem­ber could turn out to be a down month. Now is the time to look for ways to bring cus­tomers in and boost your sales vol­ume and assur­ing that a trade-in results in a sale will do it! What should your Deal­er Man­ag­er be doing to make sure this hap­pens?

Smart Think­ing Solu­tion for Deal­ers:

Sign up for the Trade-In Mar­ket­place so that new car buy­ers with a “trade” come direct­ly to your deal­er­ship with the val­ue of the trade or exist­ing vehi­cle done – with no has­sle or con­fronta­tion over the val­ue of the customer’s exist­ing vehi­cle.

The Back­sto­ry:

New vehi­cle retail sales reached dou­ble-dig­it gains for both June and July when com­pared to the same time last year, and this increase in demand for new vehi­cles trans­lates into more peo­ple who need to dis­pose of their cur­rent vehi­cles, accord­ing to  Juan Flo­res, direc­tor of oper­a­tions for the Trade-In Mar­ket­place at®

What can the Trade-In Mar­ket­place Do for Your Deal­er­ship?

  • Enables con­sumers to get an instant offer on their used cars, sight unseen, and those offers are backed by
  • Offers gen­er­at­ed through the Trade-In Mar­ket­place are based on an exten­sive set of para­me­ters, includ­ing VIN-spe­cif­ic infor­ma­tion, details sur­round­ing the con­di­tion of the car and the impact of the spe­cif­ic vehicle’s his­to­ry and after-mar­ket equip­ment.
  • Con­sumers receive an offer on their vehi­cles that rep­re­sents an amount that a deal­er would be will­ing to pay for their vehi­cle imme­di­ate­ly.
  • As long as the shop­per accu­rate­ly rep­re­sents the con­di­tion of the vehi­cle, he or she nev­er has to accept less.
  • Shop­pers can redeem their Trade-In Mar­ket­place offer at a par­tic­i­pat­ing deal­er­ship to turn the offer into cash or use it toward the down pay­ment on anoth­er car.

Accord­ing to inde­pen­dent­ly field­ed con­sumer fol­low-up sur­veys, 65 per­cent of shop­pers who redeem their Trade-In Mar­ket­place offers indi­cat­ed that they trad­ed in the vehi­cle for a replace­ment instead of just sell­ing the car to the deal­er­ship and walk­ing away with a check.

Auto deal­ers seek­ing more infor­ma­tion on the Trade-In Mar­ket­place pro­gram, or to speak to your Auto­Trad­er rep­re­sen­ta­tive, please vis­it today!




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