Edmunds.com’s ’17 Best Cars You Can Buy’


Edmunds.com has put togeth­er a list of the “17 Best Cars You Can Buy” with sub­jec­tive opin­ion for the top dog in each vehi­cle seg­ment, which will help deal­er­ship sales­peo­ple with the final push.

Deal­ers need to know which vehi­cles are giv­en the ‘top-dog’ sta­tus.

Edmunds.com, offers its sub­jec­tive opin­ion for the top dog in each vehi­cle seg­ment with “The 17 Best Cars You Can Buy.”

“This list answers a ques­tion that we get all the time: If you could pick any car in a giv­en seg­ment, and mon­ey wasn’t an issue, what car would you choose?” says Edmunds.com Auto­mo­tive Edi­tor James Riswick. “Sure, many of the cars on this list cost a pret­ty pen­ny, but guess what? It usu­al­ly costs more to get the best.”

A total of 14 brands appear on the list, led by Toy­ota with three vehi­cles and Hon­da with two. High­lights of Edmunds.com’s “17 Best Cars You Can Buy” include:

  • Best Sub­com­pact: 2013 Mini Coop­er — “The Mini Coop­er is the far supe­ri­or sub­com­pact car. It’s bet­ter to dri­ve, bet­ter made and bet­ter to behold. The Mini is a car that is desired regard­less of its size, and in some cas­es because of it.”
  • Best Mid­size Sedan: 2013 Nis­san Alti­ma — “In total, the Alti­ma is the nicest to dri­ve, the eas­i­est to use and cheap­est to fuel. When it comes to a fam­i­ly sedan, those qual­i­ties make it the best.”
  • Best Lux­u­ry Sedan: 2014 Mer­cedes-Benz S-Class — “Not only is the recent­ly redesigned S-Class the best lux­u­ry sedan you can buy, one could cer­tain­ly argue it’s the best car in the world… The design is supreme­ly ele­gant, the mate­ri­als exquis­ite and the fea­ture con­tent tru­ly stag­ger­ing.”
  • Best Con­vert­ible: 2013 Bent­ley Con­ti­nen­tal GTC — “When [the roof is] low­ered, the cab­in remains notably serene with the wind deflec­tor in place, so your dri­ving companion’s immac­u­late­ly craft­ed coif­fure will remain unfussed. The Bent­ley Con­ti­nen­tal rep­re­sents top-down motor­ing at its absolute finest.”
  • Best Sports Car: 2014 Chevro­let Corvette — “The all-new C7 Corvette has been trans­formed into a 100-per­cent gen­uine, world-class sports car that looks great, goes like hell and is built to a stan­dard that now war­rants its price.”


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