Neapolitan Express Brings Natural Gas to Food Delivery Fleets

Neapoli­tan Express, a piz­za com­pa­ny based in New York City, is lead­ing a cam­paign to bring nat­ur­al gas to food deliv­ery vehi­cles in fleets across the coun­try. Every­thing in its fleet vehi­cles is pow­ered by nat­ur­al gas, instead of propane for food heat­ing and gaso­line or diesel for the truck’s engine and the motor pow­er­ing air con­di­tion­ing and oth­er fea­tures. The food truck pro­duces 70% less car­bon emis­sions and reduces fuel costs by 60% over gaso­line and diesel-fueled ver­sions.

Com­pa­ny own­er Max Cre­spo unveiled the Neapoli­tan Express in Feb­ru­ary along­side New York May­or Michael Bloomberg and Clean Ener­gy Fuels Corp. founder T. Boone Pick­ens. In part­ner­ship with Clean Ener­gy Fuels, Cre­spo is now rolling out the con­cept across the coun­try, accord­ing to Cli­mateWire (sub­scrip­tion required).



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