“What Should Your Dealership Be Selling in August?” Ask Your GM

Kelley Blue Book

So, what should your deal­er­ship be sell­ing in August? Here’s the answer, accord­ing to Kel­ley Blue Book: Based on what hap­pened in July—tell your sales teams to do more of the same prod­uct sales focus – Sell as many pick­ups, com­pact cars, and those cross over as pos­si­ble to as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble. Get the ser­vice depart­ment excit­ed about send­ing leads to the show­room floor.

To inspire you: Kel­ley Blue Book has raised it Sales Fore­cast to 15.6 Mil­lion Units for 2013. As the econ­o­my keeps get­ting bet­ter the demand for new vehi­cles is approach­ing pre-reces­sion lev­els.

What else is Kel­ley say­ing?

  • New light-vehi­cle sales, includ­ing fleet, are expect­ed to be 1,340,000 units, up 16.1 per­cent
  • SAAR for July 2013 is esti­mat­ed to be 15.8 mil­lion
  • Retail sales are expect­ed to account for 86 per­cent of all sales in July 2013
  • Near­ly 25% of the new car sales are being fund­ed by a lease
  • Trucks are con­tin­u­ing to sell
  • Con­sumers are becom­ing more con­fi­dent
  • Few­er peo­ple are unem­ployed and more are buy­ing hous­es
  • What sold in July will sell in August and into the fall

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  • Jason Ezell says:

    I still don’t under­stand why we always expect to sell the same cars next month, that we sold last month. Those buy­ers are out of the mar­ket and new ones come in all the time, with dif­fer­ent needs. Cer­tain­ly, some cars get hot or go cold, but using last months sales to fore­cast next months sales is now the “old-school” way of pre­dict­ing sales. With the data we access to have today, cur­rent con­sumer demand, based on real-time shop­ping behav­ior, tells us what to expect in the next 45 days. Har­ness­ing this upstream shop­per behav­ior is the key to accu­rate sales pre­dic­tions. Not behav­ior on one site, or what sold last month. It’s the aggre­ga­tion of all shop­ping behav­ior, tier 1–3 and look­ing at the whole land­scape that gives us a much clear­er pic­ture into the future than we have ever had the lux­u­ry of hav­ing.

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