GE Capital Fleet Services Saves Customers $191M in First Half of Year

GE Cap­i­tal Fleet Ser­vices achieved $191 mil­lion in iden­ti­fied cus­tomer cost sav­ings for the first half of 2013. Over­all, through ana­lyz­ing cus­tomer fleet data for sav­ings and increased pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, GE Cap­i­tal has iden­ti­fied more than $1.6 bil­lion in poten­tial sav­ings oppor­tu­ni­ties for cus­tomers since 2008. For the first half of this year, pro­gram enhance­ments were iden­ti­fied as the lead­ing source for cost sav­ings.

“Stream­lin­ing rou­tine, but crit­i­cal process­es, con­tin­ues to be an impor­tant com­po­nent of cost sav­ings plans,” said Steve Jas­trow, Strate­gic Con­sult­ing Ser­vices Man­ag­er at GE Cap­i­tal Fleet Ser­vices. “Uti­liz­ing pro­grams to cut down the time and cost bur­den sur­round­ing vio­la­tion expens­es, for exam­ple, has proven ben­e­fi­cial for fleet man­agers.”

For the first half of this year, the largest areas of cost sav­ings iden­ti­fied by GE Cap­i­tal Fleet Ser­vices include:

  • Pro­gram enhance­ments in main­te­nance, fuel, acci­dent and safe­ty costs, telem­at­ics, licens­ing and reg­is­tra­tion fees, and toll & vio­la­tion expens­es.
  • Vehi­cle replace­ment ana­lyt­ics used for deter­min­ing the opti­mal time to cycle vehi­cles in a fleet to reduce costs and depre­ci­a­tion.
  • Vehi­cle selec­tion to ensure a fleet has the best vehi­cles to meet their spe­cif­ic needs.
  • Lease ver­sus reim­burse­ment that iden­ti­fies cost-cut­ting oppor­tu­ni­ties to con­vert com­pa­nies’ dri­ver reim­burse­ment pro­grams into vehi­cle leas­ing pro­grams.
  • Lease ver­sus pur­chase to under­stand whether leas­ing or own­ing vehi­cles is the most cost effi­cient way to man­age a spe­cif­ic company’s fleet.

GE Cap­i­tal Fleet Ser­vices has recent­ly unveiled sev­er­al new prod­ucts and ser­vices to help cus­tomers real­ize sav­ings and safe­ty goals, includ­ing:



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