Drive Service Retention with Simple Marketing Offers!


“But I am a Ser­vice Direc­tor, not a mar­ket­ing expert!”

Today, we have been tasked to wear sev­er­al hats, some of which we are not experts at, and do not want to be. In any case, we must mar­ket rel­e­vant, Deal­er­ship Brand­ed and use­ful com­mu­ni­ca­tions to our ser­vice cus­tomers to dri­ve traf­fic and reten­tion met­rics. The major­i­ty of the time our next Sales cus­tomer, will come from the ser­vice lane. Prospect­ing for new cus­tomers is expen­sive and lack­lus­ter in response.

In this arti­cle we will look at a “recipe” for suc­cess­ful ser­vice mar­ket­ing.

Inspect what you are doing today, by mea­sur­ing your ROI response. The reports from your cur­rent mar­ket­ing provider should include a 6–12 month sam­ple. Ver­i­fy with you advi­sors that they phys­i­cal­ly see these offers walk through the door. Pick out a few respons­es your vender is tak­ing cred­it and quan­ti­fy the com­mu­ni­ca­tion brought them in as the report implies.

Do not over com­mu­ni­cate by using mul­ti­ple venders. You may be dupli­cat­ing efforts with mul­ti­ple offers. Many times these offers are dif­fer­ent and con­fus­ing to your cus­tomers. An exam­ple; OEM spon­sored com­mu­ni­ca­tion offers a $39.95 LOF and a sec­ondary provider is send­ing $29.95 LOF. If the offer con­fus­es the cus­tomer, in most cas­es it will not get used. By reduc­ing over­lap, you will save mon­ey and do a bet­ter job com­mu­ni­cat­ing to your cus­tomer base.

Don’t over think your spe­cial offers. The KISS (Keep It Sim­ple Stu­pid) prin­ci­ple works well here. Offers should be com­prised of Sales Price, retail and Sav­ings Amount. Lim­it the dis­claimers. $10.00 off your next ser­vice vis­it is a sim­ple and good exam­ple.

To sum­ma­rize, make you offers sim­ple and make it easy for your cus­tomers to do busi­ness with you. Once you have done your home­work, com­mu­ni­ca­tions can eas­i­ly be inspect­ed once a month for val­i­da­tion. To read the com­plete “Life is Full of Recipes” arti­cle and oth­ers, Check Out the CIMA Blog.

Would you like a fresh set of eyes or a sec­ond opin­ion as to your mar­ket­ing efforts today? Do you have ideas or ques­tions you would like to bounce off of some­one? Are you hav­ing P/S Club or 20 group meet­ing and want to have qual­i­ty mar­ket­ing con­tent for dis­cus­sion? I would be hap­py to help if I can. Send me an email at rwelsh@cimasystems.NET.

Ran­dall Welsh

Nation­al Sales Direc­tor

CIMA Sys­tems Inc.




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