CEI’s Ken Latzko on Making Safety a Personal Experience for Each Driver

To increase fleet safe­ty, it’s impor­tant to get dri­vers to own their dri­ving expe­ri­ence – to make safe­ty a per­son­al issue for them, said Ken Latzko, CEI’s south­east region­al sales man­ag­er, to fleet admin­is­tra­tors at the 2013 Fleet Safe­ty Con­fer­ence in Schaum­burg, Ill. Many fleets rely on stan­dard pro­ce­dures to improve fleet safe­ty, yet many dri­vers con­tin­ue to vio­late the stan­dards, includ­ing con­tin­u­ing to use their mobile devices while behind the wheel. Engag­ing dri­vers in per­son­al ways is mak­ing a dif­fer­ence, Latzko said; this can include mak­ing every driver’s safe­ty record a part of their annu­al reviews; giv­ing dri­vers easy access to their own dri­ving per­for­mance record; and show­ing each dri­ver how he or she com­pares to their peers.



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