Black Book Sees Depreciation, Honors Tom Cross for Award


Ricky Beg­gs
Senior VP and Edi­to­r­i­al Direc­tor
Black Book

Car and truck seg­ments recent­ly expe­ri­enced depre­ci­a­tion lev­els of -.3% to -.4% per week; trucks saw bet­ter reten­tion most of 1st half of year; has reversed in past few weeks. Beg­gs’ report also hon­ored Tom Cross, Pres­i­dent of Black Book, for being select­ed as the newest mem­ber of the NIADA Ring of Hon­or for his con­tin­u­ous sup­port of inde­pen­dent deal­ers and the used car indus­try at the NIADA annu­al con­ven­tion in Las Vegas.

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-$45 Aver­age Seg­ment Change for Cars Largest Declin­ing Amount of Past 4 Weeks:
Bet­ter reten­tion for Entry Lev­el Cars and Com­pact Cars at -$15 and -$18 respec­tive­ly.

Lev­el of Decline for Trucks Hadn’t Been Seen Since End of Novem­ber 2012:
Com­pared to year ago, both trucks and cars are doing slight­ly bet­ter this year.

There Was One Truck Seg­ment with Over­all Increase this Past Week:
That one being Com­pact SUVs, which were up by $14.



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