Upcoming Webinars: NADA University

In NADA University’s 30-minute com­pli­men­ta­ry webi­na­rs, indus­try lead­ers share insights, trends, and best prac­tices that deal­ers can put to imme­di­ate use. Click to reg­is­ter for these upcom­ing webi­na­rs:

–June 19, Dig­i­tal Retail­ing Strate­gies That Increase ROI, pre­sent­ed by Ali Men­di­o­la, deal­er­track tech­nolo­gies.

–June 26, Adver­tis­ing Check­list: Check Ten Box­es to Win! pre­sent­ed by Erik Radle, The Miller Group.

–July 10, Mas­ter the Mod­ern “Inter­net” Phone-Up, pre­sent­ed by Gil Weis, NADA Uni­ver­si­ty.

Attend these live webi­na­rs as they happen—or view them on-demand at NADA Uni­ver­si­ty with­in 4–6 busi­ness days.

For infor­ma­tion on pre­sent­ing a webi­nar, con­tact Bar­bara Roos, Work­shops and Webi­na­rs Man­ag­er, NADA Uni­ver­si­ty, broos@nada.org.



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