The Importance of Service Reviews

Stand out from the com­pe­ti­tion by build­ing and main­tain­ing an online rep­u­ta­tion in both sales and ser­vice result­ing in sub­stan­tial sales increas­es for each depart­ment.

• Share reviews with oth­er employ­ees:

To help launch the cam­paign and get employ­ees on board, the deal­er­ship began read­ing reviews aloud to oth­er employ­ees in sales and ser­vice meet­ings. Espe­cial­ly shin­ing reviews were also emailed to all staff as good exam­ples of what oth­er employ­ees were doing.

• Make online rep­u­ta­tion a mar­ket­ing focus:
Bozard Ford Lin­coln has made the fact that it was vot­ed the #1 Ford deal­er­ship in the U.S. as mea­sured by cus­tomer reviews on Deal­er­Rater the soul focus of their adver­tis­ing and mar­ket­ing. Bozard broad­ly pro­motes this sta­tus on their web­site, in ban­ner ads, on bill­boards, in radio and TV ads, as well as in print. The deal­er­ship is now the largest deal­er in its city, regard­less of brand, and has sur­passed oth­er Ford deal­er­ships in its area by 30–40 per­cent.

• Use visu­al dis­plays to pro­mote reviews:
The deal­er­ship has 15 video mon­i­tors set up through­out its ser­vice and sales areas and dis­plays their online reviews through video. When cus­tomers vis­it the ser­vice lane, they can­not miss see­ing the dealership’s reviews on the TVs through­out the deal­er­ship.

• Good ser­vice speaks for itself:
Jeff King stress­es that the most impor­tant thing for a rep­u­ta­tion man­age­ment pro­gram to work is to per­son­al­ly take respon­si­bil­i­ty and ensure that the deal­er­ship is tak­ing good care of cus­tomers; not just try­ing to get good reviews.

Remem­ber, ser­vice reviews can poten­tial­ly have an even big­ger impact than sales. With search engines incor­po­rat­ing more social sig­nals into their algo­rithms, if you want your deal­er­ship to appear promi­nent­ly for local­ized search­es, then you will cer­tain­ly need to con­sid­er how your cus­tomers are able to leave reviews online for both sales and ser­vice. If you don’t already have a process in place to solic­it reviews from ser­vice cus­tomers, start one today.

Ryan Leslie is Direc­tor of Deal­er Rep­u­ta­tion Strat­e­gy at and can be reached at



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