Spring Market Ends Fast, Leading to Long and Dreary Summer


Dan Galves
Galves Auto Price List

While the spring mar­ket end­ed faster than Galves Auto Price List pre­dict­ed, vin­di­ca­tion appears to be hap­pen­ing by recent mar­ket trends. Spring mar­ket came and went quick­ly as a spring show­er. Now it looks like we’re head­ing into a long, steady “sum­mer slog” that’s been all too famil­iar in most years. Expect to see nor­mal sum­mer declines as we head into fall.

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Except for Pick­ups, Used Car Mar­ket Has Weak­ened in All Seg­ments:
Pick­ups have been scarce due to weak new truck sales, rebound in con­struc­tion, and rea­son­able fuel prices.

Rea­son­able Fuel Prices Had Oppo­site Effect on Econo-Cars:
Lat­er mod­el Euro­pean and Asian lux­u­ry cars, main­stream mid­size imports, full-size SUVs, and most crossovers begin­ning to erode con­sis­tent­ly as well.

Automak­ers in New Vehi­cle Mar­ket Share Bat­tles with Rebates and Incen­tives:
Just about all lat­er mod­el seg­ments see­ing sig­nif­i­cant soft­en­ing because of it.



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