Kbb: Nissan Leads Vehicle Sales Increase for June

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Accord­ing to Kel­ley Blue Book, new-car sales are expect­ed to improve 6 per­cent year-over-year in June, with Nis­san out­pac­ing the oth­er automak­ers in sales increase.

Get the details on Kbb’s insight ahead of June automak­er sales reports.

New-car sales are expect­ed to improve 6.0 per­cent year-over-year in June to a total of 1,363,000 units accord­ing to Kel­ley Blue Book, the lead­ing provider of new and used car infor­ma­tion.  After adjust­ing for one few­er sell­ing day this June, the 10.1 per­cent year-over-year gain will mark the strongest improve­ment thus far in 2013. The sea­son­al­ly adjust­ed annu­al rate (SAAR) for June 2013 is 15.5 mil­lion, which is the high­est SAAR since Novem­ber 2012 at 15.5 mil­lion and high­est June SAAR since 2007 at 15.8 mil­lion.

As in May, Nis­san will lead sales gains again this month and is expect­ed to post a 14.9 per­cent increase, bouyed by demand for the new­ly redesigned Alti­ma and Sen­tra.  More con­sumers may be drawn to Nis­san prod­ucts since Nis­san cut the manufacturer’s sug­gest­ed retail price (MSRP) on sev­en of its mod­els in May.  Ford will rely on a strong pick­up truck mar­ket and plen­ti­ful incen­tives on its F-150 to dri­ve a 13.4 per­cent gain.  Mean­while, Hyundai-Kia is expect­ed to decline 3.6 per­cent, as it faces pro­duc­tion capac­i­ty con­straints and com­pe­ti­tion from new­er prod­uct offer­ings from oth­er man­u­fac­tur­ers, espe­cial­ly in the mid-size car seg­ment.

Honda’s all-new Accord appears well-posi­tioned to chal­lenge the Toy­ota Cam­ry for the top spot in mid-size seg­ment sales this month, while the Ford Fusion and Nis­san Alti­ma are not far behind.

Demand remains strong for large pick­ups and com­pact util­i­ty vehi­cles, both of which are expect­ed to be up near­ly 20 per­cent.

“Com­pact crossovers will cap­ture more mar­ket share than ever before at 13 per­cent, fueled by recent redesigns of the Ford Escape, Hon­da CR-V and Toy­ota RAV4,” said Gutier­rez.  “Sales in the mid-size seg­ment are expect­ed to be rel­a­tive­ly flat year-over-year; how­ev­er, the fight for seg­ment suprema­cy remains fierce.”




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