Bringing the F&I Manager into Service Lane Could be a Win Win

  • F&I man­agers can see oppor­tu­ni­ties every­where and many times have been trained in sales. Ser­vice lanes many times are not in a good posi­tion to work with cus­tomers and increase sales. What about F&I man­agers bring­ing their sales expe­ri­ence to the ser­vice lane?
  • Mike Gorun, Man­ag­ing Partner/CEO at Per­for­mance Loy­al­ty Group had a few insights about it that he shared with CBT News…..(and there’s a video to watch — see link below)
  1. An F&I man­ag­er can present pre-paid main­te­nance plans and extend­ed war­ranties to cus­tomers with the knowl­edge and sales abil­i­ty to explain the fea­tures and ben­e­fits.
  1. Also has abil­i­ty to deter­mine when it may be ben­e­fi­cial for both store and cus­tomer to inves­ti­gate whether it makes sense to trade-in cur­rent vehi­cle for a new one rather than make cost­ly repairs.
  1. Pay atten­tion to the real­i­ty in your ser­vice depart­ment as most staff con­sid­er it like being sent to the Artic Cir­cle. They’re not accus­tomed to watch­ing for oppor­tu­ni­ties to help walk-in cus­tomers and they’re usu­al­ly not able to take any incom­ing calls – both of these are what they should con­sid­er their bread and but­ter that leads to a sale.
  1. F&I man­ag­er is already going to be busy and will like­ly not be pleased with idea of work­ing the ser­vice dri­ve. How­ev­er, this per­son may not only be one of the best to place in that role, but he or she also has the most to gain from it – would get the com­mis­sion and pen­e­tra­tion from sale of any main­te­nance plan or war­ran­ty. Could also present the whole F&I menu to the cus­tomer.

Source:  CBT News



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