AutoUSA Introduces Shop-By-Payment for Payment Pro

A New Way to Shop on Auto Deal­er Web­sites

 For The Major­i­ty of Car Buy­ers, It Is All About the Pay­ment

AutoUSA Inter­net Sales Solu­tions ( just intro­duced Shop-By-Pay­ment for Pay­ment ProSM, pow­ered by Dri­veIt­Now, a patent-pend­ing next gen­er­a­tion pay­ment mar­ket­ing tool that offers con­sumers a new way to shop on auto deal­er web­sites. When a cus­tomer vis­its a deal­er web­site with Shop-By-Pay­ment, they are giv­en the option to search inven­to­ry based on their desired month­ly pay­ment. The cus­tomer is prompt­ed to enter in their name and a few details—no SSN or DOB required. Shop-By-Pay­ment search­es the avail­able inven­to­ry based on their actu­al cred­it, the deal­ers’ cur­rent finance pro­grams and returns a list of new and used vehi­cles that match the desired pay­ment.

“Shop-By-Pay­ment for Pay­ment Pro rev­o­lu­tion­izes the online auto shop­ping expe­ri­ence,” said Phil DuPree, Pres­i­dent of AutoUSA. “Instead of search­ing for vehi­cles based on make, mod­el or price, cus­tomers can now view and choose from all the vehi­cles they know they can afford based on the month­ly pay­ment.”

After dis­play­ing a list of vehi­cles that match the customer’s pay­ment range, Shop-By-Pay­ment allows the cus­tomer to change cri­te­ria such as month­ly pay­ment, down pay­ment or the bot­tom line price they are will­ing to pay. The inven­to­ry dis­played instant­ly adjusts to the new cri­te­ria select­ed by the cus­tomer. When the cus­tomer nar­rows the selec­tion of vehi­cles, they click on a but­ton with the desired month­ly pay­ment. That infor­ma­tion then becomes a cred­it ana­lyzed web­site lead and is sent to that deal­er­ship.

Shop-By-Pay­ment for Pay­ment Pro offers deal­ers the fol­low­ing ben­e­fits:

  • For the major­i­ty of car buy­ers, it is all about the pay­ment. Accord­ing to CNW Research, 70.5 per­cent of car buy­ers finance their vehi­cles. Shop-By-Pay­ment instant­ly engages these cus­tomers by offer­ing an easy, inter­ac­tive and imme­di­ate way to view the vehi­cles they can afford, instead of view­ing the vehi­cles they want and not know­ing if they can afford them.
  •  Because no Social Secu­ri­ty Num­ber or date of birth is required, Shop-By-Pay­ment pro­tects con­sumers’ pri­va­cy and cred­it reports. Pay­ment Pro deliv­ers pay­ment quotes based on the customer’s cred­it with­out neg­a­tive­ly impact­ing the cred­it score.
  • Pay­ment Pro deliv­ers accu­rate month­ly pay­ment quotes based on the customer’s cred­it, the dealership’s finance pro­grams and the spe­cif­ic inven­to­ry avail­able, pro­duc­ing high-qual­i­ty, cred­it ana­lyzed leads. With cus­tomers this far down the sales fun­nel, the next step is for the cus­tomer to vis­it the deal­er­ship and take deliv­ery of the vehi­cle.

Shop-By-Pay­ment is ini­tial­ly avail­able to car deal­ers who are cur­rent­ly using AutoUSA’s Pay­ment Pro. To see a demon­stra­tion of Shop-By-Pay­ment for Pay­ment Pro, vis­it

Deal­ers inter­est­ed in learn­ing more about Shop-By-Pay­ment for Pay­ment Pro can call AutoUSA at 800–509-8714.

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