AutoUSA June 2013 Interview

Kevin BuslerKevinBusler-LogoPHoto
BDC Direc­tor
Day­tona Toy­ota Scion
Day­tona Beach, Flori­da

AutoUSA: Can you tell me a lit­tle bit about your deal­er­ship and your back­ground in the indus­try?

Kevin: Day­tona Toy­ota — Scion is fam­i­ly owned and oper­at­ed for more than 15 years.
My back­ground in the indus­try is a life­time car guy. My father was a Chevro­let deal­er and I pur­chased the deal­er­ship from him in 2000. I was the deal­er until 2005 when we sold the deal­er­ship. After that I became very inter­est­ed in the mechan­ics of auto­mo­bile inter­net mar­ket­ing. I exper­i­ment­ed with a great deal of dif­fer­ent online endeav­ors which helped give me a much clear­er idea of how online car sales should be gen­er­at­ed aside from the nor­mal process­es and pro­ce­dures tra­di­tion­al­ly used by deal­er­ship inter­net depart­ments.

AutoUSA: What is the size and struc­ture of your Inter­net Depart­ment?

Kevin: We cur­rent­ly have 6 full time inter­net sales­peo­ple that han­dle 100% of our inter­net traf­fic and close con­sis­tent­ly over 10% of our leads.

AutoUSA: What do you do that is dif­fer­ent from your com­pe­ti­tion?

Kevin: We have done exten­sive test­ing with direct mail and data min­ing and when using the Show­Pro reward card to dri­ve traf­fic as an incen­tive and to con­trol our data base we get incred­i­ble results. Inte­grat­ing that with leads from AutoUSA gives us a boost of 15 to 25% in appoint­ment set­ting for our prospects.

AutoUSA: What types of mar­ket­ing and adver­tis­ing do you do to increase web traf­fic?

Kevin: The Show­Pro prod­uct was on our deal­er­ship web­site but was not being pro­mot­ed. We inte­grat­ed a sim­ple tem­plate pro­gram online and con­nect­ed it to our CRM tool. We didn’t want to just wait for prospects to find it on our site so we take the link to them in direct mail and email pro­grams. Remem­ber not every­one uses the Inter­net in the same fash­ion, so mak­ing the offer­ing of a reward to set the appoint­ment via off-line mar­ket­ing allowed us to cast a broad­er net for auto shop­pers.

Our biggest fear was that we would have too many peo­ple redeem­ing the Show­Pro incen­tive, but our Gen­er­al Man­ag­er was sup­port­ive. We also made sure to imple­ment a redemp­tion process that was easy for cus­tomers and a process to help us keep the data base clean and cur­rent.

AutoUSA: What do you do to cre­ate a great cus­tomer expe­ri­ence?

Kevin: More effec­tive and pro­duc­tive Inter­net pro­mo­tions that gives our cus­tomer a more real­is­tic buy­ing expe­ri­ence, instead of mar­ket­ing with pro­mo­tions that over promise and under deliv­er. The Show­Pro reward card pro­vides us a great tool to nego­ti­ate cre­at­ing an appoint­ment as well as increas­ing our appoint­ment show rate.

Cus­tomer arrives at the deal­er­ship in a good frame of mind because they are focused on the reward for show­ing up and not think­ing about the deal­er­ship sales process. Our sales team keeps that tone by being help­ful, friend­ly and high­light­ing our great atti­tude about the buy­ing expe­ri­ence and the ter­rif­ic Toy­ota vehi­cles. Our Inter­net Depart­ment Sales increased over 40% since changes to this pro­gram. Addi­tion­al­ly we offer a Life­time Non-Fac­to­ry War­ran­ty on every new vehi­cle pur­chased at no addi­tion­al charge, and that is also a real game chang­er for us. Buy­ers like hav­ing that peace of mind and it pro­vides an assur­ance about keep­ing their vehi­cle on the road in an ever chang­ing world.