Want to Supercharge your Craigslist Auto Posting?


By MotorLot.com

60 mil­lion unique vis­i­tors go to Craigslist to buy every month. MotorLot’s new Craigslist auto post­ing tool makes tedious, by-hand post­ing a thing of the past by cre­at­ing great ads that con­vert and sav­ing you hours per day. Craigslist is a huge oppor­tu­ni­ty for auto deal­ers that know how to post suc­cess­ful­ly.

Below are 10 tips for find­ing suc­cess post­ing to Craigslist.

1. Great Pho­tos – Craigslist allows 8 pho­tos per ad, use them to your advan­tage by show­ing out­side to inside shots. The pros use the first image as an ad by plac­ing a water­mark of the deal­er­ship logo and a phone num­ber.

2. Great Titles – call atten­tion to the title by using char­ac­ters like !@+&*.

3. Descrip­tions – keep it basic and fun­nel poten­tial buy­ers to a phone num­ber or link that goes to a land­ing page. Which leads to our next tip.

4. Use land­ing pages – land­ing pages fun­nel the cus­tomer from an ad, gives more infor­ma­tion on the vehi­cle with more pho­tos and attempts to con­vert the user to a lead through email or a phone call.

5. Use call track­ing – how do you know which ads and cars have per­formed the best? With call track­ing you’ll be able to see exact­ly which ad and vehi­cle a cus­tomer is call­ing about.

6. Don’t spam Craigslist – hav­ing the same vehi­cle ad in search 10 times, won’t get you 10 times more calls. The cus­tomer isn’t stu­pid and at best will see that it’s the same ad at worst think your com­pa­ny is shady.

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