KBB Lists 10 Stand-Out New Cars

Kelley Blue Book - May 15, 2013

For the new-car shop­per seek­ing a per­son­al­i­ty-filled ride, the edi­tors of Kel­ley Blue Book have com­piled a list of the top 10 cars that exude per­son­al­i­ty!

Find out which new cars made the Kel­ley Blue Book list.

Sam­ple Selec­tion from KBB.com’s 10 Cars that Exude Atti­tude List, with Edi­to­r­i­al Com­men­tary:

2013 Lam­borgh­i­ni Aventodor
With near­ly 700 horse­pow­er pump­ing from its V12 to all four wheels, the Aven­ta­dor eas­i­ly puts the super in super­car.  Yet one doesn’t need to rock­et from 0–60 mph in under three sec­onds or top out at 217 mph to behold the Aventador’s brava­do.  Lamborghini’s $400,000 flag­ship has strik­ing design, even by Lam­borgh­i­ni stan­dards.  This is auto­mo­tive atti­tude in the extreme.

2013 Chevro­let Camaro
Those sin­is­ter head­lights.  The brawny shoul­ders.  That hun­kered-down pro­file.  Even if you ignored the thun­der­ing pow­er­plants beneath the bulging hood, it’s impos­si­ble to ignore the Camaro’s ultra-aggres­sive aes­thet­ics.  The Camaro is the auto­mo­tive equiv­a­lent of a Venice Beach body­builder flex­ing for the crowds.

2013 Mini Coop­er Pace­man  
The newest mem­ber of the Mini fam­i­ly is an amal­ga­ma­tion of its var­i­ous sib­lings, boast­ing coupe-like looks and the addi­tion­al space and avail­able all-wheel dri­ve of the Coun­try­man.  The result is a maxed-up Mini that mix­es the best traits of each yet retains its own dis­tinct design and buck-the-trend per­sona.

2013 Nis­san Juke
With its odd name and odd­er looks, Nissan’s diminu­tive crossover SUV can’t help but stand out among vehi­cles even twice its size.  But under­neath that polar­iz­ing skin is some­thing almost every­one can appre­ci­ate: a tur­bocharged engine that gives the Juke plen­ty of pep while return­ing up to 32 mpg.

To see the full list of 10 Cars that Exude Atti­tude from the edi­tors of Kel­ley Blue Book’s KBB.com, vis­it http://www.kbb.com/car-reviews-and-news/top-10/cars-with-attitude-2013/.



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