Contact at Once! Tells Dealers: Choose Your Chat Provider Wisely

Where Success is Measured One Dealership at a Time

What makes Con­tact At Once! dif­fer­ent from oth­er chat provider prod­ucts?

Con­tact At Once! is the only chat solu­tion that con­nects deal­ers with prospects vis­it­ing their deal­er­ship web­site and web­sites across the inter­net where their inven­to­ry is list­ed.

It is the most wide­ly deployed live chat in the auto­mo­tive indus­try and cur­rent­ly pow­ers the chat major auto­mo­tive sup­port web­sites across the coun­try.

Con­tact At Once! cur­rent­ly pow­ers the chat for:

  • Region­al & Local
  • Search Providers

Remem­ber: More con­ver­sa­tions with car buy­ers means more show­room appoint­ments and more cars sold.

Chris Forsythe, David Stan­ley Chrysler in Mid­west, Okla­homa, says: “Con­tact At Once! ful­ly man­aged chat is respon­si­ble for a 25% increase in our sales, both new and used. Con­tact At Once! is the most cost-effec­tive way to sell more cars imme­di­ate­ly.”

Here are a few of the impor­tant fea­tures that are improv­ing results for deal­ers:

  • Deal­er Chat Net­work
    Take the lim­its off. With Con­tact At Once! you can receive chats from your deal­er­ship web­site in addi­tion to chats from,, OEM sites, Craigslist, Face­book and more.
  • Cen­tral­ized Track­ing & Report­ing
    One report­ing sys­tem to track incom­ing chats from all loca­tions where deal­er­ship chat icons appear (Deal­er­ship sites, Third-Par­ty sites, Craigslist, etc.) Deal­ers can com­pare them­selves against oth­er deal­er­ships with­in the same brand, region or deal­er group.
  • Auto­mat­ic Login/Logout
    Some live chats only work when users are logged in. Con­tact At Once! auto-detects when sales­peo­ple are present and ready to answer. This way, sales­peo­ple can focus on sell­ing instead of try­ing to remem­ber to log in and out each day.
  • Option for Deal­ers to Answer, Ful­ly Out­source or Both
    Deal­ers can choose to answer their own chats, ful­ly out­source their chats to a chat recep­tion­ist or com­bine the two approach­es by using a chat rollover ser­vice to answers chats when no one at the deal­er­ship is avail­able.
  • Chat from Mobile Devices
    Answer chat leads from iPhone, iPad, or iTouch with the Con­tact At Once! Mobile Chat App. Mobile Chat for Android and oth­er smart­phones is also avail­able via the Con­tact At Once! Mobile Desk­top Exten­sion.

But don’t take our word for it. Sched­ule a Demo and see for your­self! And be sure to vis­it Con­tact At Once! today to get in on the lat­est in live chat deploy­ment!





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