CNW Research’s Art Spinella on Retail Used Car Sales in April

The unit vol­ume for retail used car sales was up mild­ly (0.7%) over year ago, but the prices in April were down quite a bit – 5.8%. Sales rev­enue is down from a year ago – low­er trans­ac­tion prices was the cause, accord­ing to CNW Research’s Art Spinel­la.

April saw a rise in sales vol­ume of 1-to-5 year old cars as their inven­to­ries improved slight­ly, and the vehi­cle age cat­e­go­ry that saw a 6.44% increase was….

The mar­ket saw a 12% increase in the num­ber of used-vehi­cle shop­pers in April ver­sus a year ear­li­er – shop­pers were up 8.83% for fran­chised deal­ers and….

Shop­pers are leav­ing their DMA (des­ig­nat­ed mar­ket­ing area) in larg­er num­bers to make their used car pur­chas­es, and there’s two pri­ma­ry rea­sons for it….

Click here to see the sales fig­ures for fran­chised and inde­pen­dent deal­ers and pri­vate par­ty sales in the month of April…



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